Working Dogs For Protection

Working Dogs For Protection – Deterrent Dog Llc is a long-standing deterrent dog company operating in Manchester, New Hampshire. High quality guard dogs imported from Europe are trained in 5 different programs: Companion Dog, Prevention Dog, Family Guard Dog, Personal Guard Dog and Elite Guard Dog.

Deterrent Dogs LLC is an international company based in New Hampshire with a focus on clients in the United States. All dogs are shipped to the USA for sale. This allows buyers to meet their new protector and companion immediately. Our domestic and international customers can travel from Boston Logan International Airport or Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. Our location is convenient for surrounding areas and parts of Canada. The Canadian border is about a 3-hour drive away.

Working Dogs For Protection

Working Dogs For Protection

Matching the right dog with the perfect family is very important to us. We welcome visitors to meet the dog before or after purchasing it. For this reason we also offer in-home meet and greets for customers in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and the surrounding states (driving area) of New York.

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We are always happy to answer questions about your favorite dog as well as the purchase and delivery process. For more information, please contact Vanessa (Co-Founder) by email or phone. Our previous clients have commented that Vanessa is the most understanding, informative and knowledgeable person they have spoken to about guard dogs. We appreciate Vanessa’s passion for dogs and customer care.

Each customer becomes a member of the Deterrent Dog LLC family upon purchase. We offer lifetime support with personal follow-up via phone, video chat, text and email. On and off site. On-boarding (direct to our customers) and organized departures are available for customer convenience.

We recommend checking out our “Available Dogs”, “Exercise Programs” and “Prices” pages. If you know what you need, don’t hesitate to call us.

If you contact us by email for more information, we ask that you provide us with your full name and location (state/country).

Best Dog Breeds For Protection

Most of our listed guard dogs have completed their programs and can be delivered shortly after purchase.

Previous Post: The Importance of Having a Guard Dog Next Post: Why You Should Choose Fast Dog LLC for Your Front Guard Dog There are many reasons you need a guard dog: for personal protection, to keep your property safe or as a live doorbell when visitors come. . Unfortunately, guard dogs often get a bad reputation for being mean or dangerous, but that’s not entirely true. In fact, the same traits that make these breeds the best protectors are also incredible family pets: fierce loyalty to the people they adopt as “packs,” intelligence that trains them to deal with real threats and affection. A mile wide.

According to the American Kennel Club, the best guard dogs are warm, courageous and know when it’s time to fight off an intruder — but that doesn’t mean they’re vicious animals. Give them the training they need at a young age, and these pets will do their best to keep you out of harm’s way. Like other working dogs, when a guard dog is off duty, they are ready to give you a lifetime of love and affection. If you’re in the market for a super-sized furry friend that doesn’t need to be bred for protection, check out the best large dog breeds that also make great pets.

Working Dogs For Protection

Akitas have a large build (look at the size of that head!) which makes them a powerful animal. If you socialize them with family and friends early on, they’ll know who’s the fun guy and who’s the bully.

The Benefits Of Having A Trained Protection Dog Or Guard Dog

Although smaller than some of the other large dogs on our list, Appenzeller Sennenhunds still make excellent guard dogs because of their agility and energy. They were originally bred to work as farm animals, so their intelligence and obedience can do double duty if you have land.

The medium-sized Aussie is both beautiful and brave. Often at home on the ranch or in the rodeo, these dogs are natural herders and will take any opportunity to line up other animals (even children). Plus, they make energetic playmates for the whole family.

These large, muscular dogs are a cross between Bulldogs and Mastiffs in a super-sized package. It is best to adapt them to homes with fenced yards to avoid conflicts with animals or other people. Bullmastiffs make great walking companions, but leave them at home when running, as they are not built for sustained speed.

These dogs are known for their beautiful patterns and spots on their pet’s coats. If you’re not sure if you can handle this kind of puppy energy, Catahoula puppies start acting like adults as early as 10 months of age.

Benefits Of Trained Dogs For Personal Protection

These giant pups know exactly how to react if they feel threatened in your home or family, so don’t underestimate their disarming power. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are a great choice if you have older children or other animals because they love and care for people they know and trust, as long as they are well trained.

The mighty Cowboy boasts a rugged, waterproof jacket that sets it apart from other pickups. However, you can still expect the loyal and energetic traits that make golden retrievers and labs one of the most popular pets. Chessies are polite with strangers, but cautious and not overly affectionate with strangers – making them excellent watchdogs.

Don’t let the Doberman’s slender body fool you – they are strong, agile and fearless, making them the perfect dog to guard your home. The energetic breed needs a lot of exercise, so be prepared to take them on long walks if you don’t want to go home.

Working Dogs For Protection

Estrelas are believed to be one of the oldest breeds in Portugal, and the dogs are named after a series of mountains. They are very gentle and protective of their people, so they are perfect for a close family.

Oregon Ranchers Turn To Bigger Dogs To Protect Livestock From Wolves

German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds of police dog, but they are also popular as pets. They protect your home from intruders and are so loyal that they form a strong bond with you. If you’re looking for a puppy that can be trained to do anything, look no further.

The Giant Schnauzer is essentially a stronger, larger version of its sturdy counterpart. Be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of time grooming them, as that thick coat needs frequent brushing – they do have beards, after all!

Honestly, what better breed is there for a guard dog than one that can pretend to be a dog? (The jury’s still out on whether or not he’ll clean the floors for them). Their idealistic appearance hides a very intelligent palate.

This type of guard dog forms a strong bond with its owner, so it is not good to leave them alone for long periods of time. Romanian Shepherds are lovable and kind enough to be your best friend, but they can bark and become aggressive when meeting strangers they don’t already know and trust.

Trained Family And Personal Protection Dogs

If you know someone who owns a Rottweiler, you may have experienced their gentle nature around their owners. But their independence is frightening when it comes to strangers. To make sure they get along, socialize your puppy with people and other dogs and take them to training classes to get the most out of this brain.

Not everyone has room for a large animal in their home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a powerful guard dog. Usually weighing less than 40 pounds, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is muscular, brave and a natural fighter when needed. They also have lots of energy, so long walks and lots of playtime will keep them (and you!) on their toes.

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Working Dogs For Protection

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