Breeds Of Working Dogs

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Military dog ​​heritage in Greece dates back to 479 BC, and police dogs began serving in law enforcement in the Middle Ages. The modern police dog originated in the Belgian police when the mayor decided to hire dogs as the police could not afford to hire human officers.

Breeds Of Working Dogs

Breeds Of Working Dogs

In the 1920s, when German officials heard about Belgian police dogs, they experimented with breeding and training and concluded that the German Shepherd breed was best suited for police work. They added the Belgian Malinois breed to their program later.

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People from the American K-9 program also learned about the Belgian dogs, and Inspector George Wakefield traveled there to study them. Wakefield brought back five Belgian Shepherds to stop crime and save lives.

Initially, the dogs were trained to attack anyone not in police uniform, leading to many unnecessary abductions. In the 1950s, the Baltimore Police Department dominated the K-9 program, and in the 1970s, K-9 people were involved in police work around the country.

Here are 14 popular police dog breeds that work in police agencies. The following breeds are capable and efficient and come in a variety of sizes. Police dogs in many countries usually work for six to nine years.

We think of a German Shepherd when we hear “K 9” because most people are shepherds. Their sharp intelligence and desire to please the directors make them perfect for the job. They are brave, strong and fast – all great qualities for guard dog work.

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German Shepherds are also hardy and calm and trainable. Shepherds are energetic, want to get their work done and can handle complex tasks.

The sight of a large, authoritative German Shepherd command prompts suspects to surrender and be on good behavior because they don’t want to fight them. These are the police dogs you see at the airport or train station on police duty and are still the most common dogs in police forces.

Shepherds served in the military during both World Wars, as they were used in World War I and II, as well as the Korean and Vietnam Wars. In the 1950s, after seeing their military functions, the police began using them for crowd control. Consider other races.

Breeds Of Working Dogs

The Belgian Malinois was originally bred as a German Shepherd. Belgian Malinois are excellent detection dogs because they have a good sense of smell and an excellent sense of smell for sniffing out weapons, bombs, crime scene evidence, contraband, drugs and narcotics. They alert their handlers by barking and scratching when they find drugs.

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You may see Belgian Malinois on scent tours at airports and train stations, subway stations, trains, etc. Belgian Malinois are very aware of their surroundings.

They are a bit stocky, which may not sound useful for law enforcement, but they are trained to focus their energy on their tasks – perfect for law enforcement and why they are one of the most popular police dogs.

Their protective nature and loyalty are the perfect qualities of police work. Belgian shepherds, who have a herding background, have management of their flock in their DNA. They even have a faster reaction time than their speedy cousin, the German Shepherd, due to their slight build. This makes them one of the most popular police dogs.

Labrador retriever breeds are known for their sweet nature, so why do they make great police dogs? In addition to being wonderful family dogs, Labrador retrievers are fast, big, strong and powerful. Labrador retrievers can detect explosives and contraband and find and rescue victims of natural disasters. Labrador is obedient and intelligent – two of the most important qualities of a police dog.

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When they find explosives and an accelerant, they sit down to signal their handlers because a non-aggressive response (as opposed to barking and scratching) will not ignite the bomb.

Labrador retrievers were originally bred as hunting dogs, so they have a very good sense of smell. In addition, the Labrador retriever is athletic and agile and loves to work. Labradors are swimmers with waterproof coats (so water doesn’t bother them). Labrador retrievers excel professionally and personally.

Labs are flat-headed dogs, making them a popular breed for families and police officers. They have cute faces and don’t seem like a threat, but they have many abilities.

Breeds Of Working Dogs

Bloodhounds are famous for their excellent noses and sense of smell. Scientists believe that a Bloodhound’s sense of smell is 300 times stronger than a human’s – or more. Law enforcement agencies benefit from this sniffing superpower.

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Scientists say that when bloodhounds sniff, air passes through the dog’s nasal cavity and the smell creates an “olfactory image” in the dog’s brain of skin, sweat and breath.

Bloodhounds can then use the scent image to pinpoint the scent trail and can follow it for over 130 miles. They can actually smell a trail that is 300 hours old. Their sense of smell is a great help to police officers. Bloodhounds are hired to link evidence at crime scenes to suspects.

Interestingly, their wrinkled skin traps scent and the pendulous ears sweep up the scent by dragging it to the ground and stuffing the scent into their noses. They have been working with the police to track down missing people for 200 years, and some think that bloodhounds are better than the new technology that the police use to track down missing people and criminals.

Boxers are intelligent, playful and energetic, and they like to be busy. As family pets, they are loyal and protective and usually only bark when there is a good reason for it. They enjoy company and exercise.

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The ABoxer Club was founded in Munich, Germany in 1895. The founders created the first Boxer Standard with the goal of creating a large, courageous dog that would be a protective family pet/excellent guard dog. They are hard working dogs.

One disadvantage of using boxers as police dogs is that they are shoulder breeds with short faces and breathing difficulties, so in hot and/or humid weather they cannot work because they cannot breathe. Otherwise, they are of great help to the police.

Pitbulls have many qualities that police dogs need, such as intelligence, athleticism, strength, and determination, and they want to please people by working hard. They learn how to track, search and rescue and/or analyze materials. Pitbulls need to be well socialized to stay safe and adapt. They do well in dog training and are useful in monitoring the police.

Breeds Of Working Dogs

Contrary to popular belief, puppies are loving, loyal, friendly, silly and adorable puppies. Fortunately, the police are starting to rescue them from animal shelters and work with them in the police force. Farm Dogs: A Comprehensive Breed Guide To 93 Guardians, Herders, Terriers, And Other Canine Working Partners: 9781612125923: Dohner, Janet Vorwald: Books

This is a lifesaver because millions of pit bulls are euthanized in the US every year due to an overabundance of shelters and breed specific laws that prohibit people from getting them.

A fully trained imported German Shepherd costs around $20,000, but rescued Pit Bulls are not expensive. Police Universal K9 has a free program that allows police officers to work with rescued pit bulls who complete a training program to become disposable narcotics or explosive detection dogs.

When was the last time you saw a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSHP) in an official police dog vest? GSHPs are intelligent and non-aggressive dogs known for their keen sense of smell and their desire to please their handlers, making them difficult to train and work with as excellent police dogs.

The FBI reports, “With their high intelligence and athleticism, the German Shorthair Pointer excels in many AKC sports, such as agility, dock diving and toko. German Shorthair Pointers are also used in law enforcement for nose work such as detecting illegal substances.”

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Like bloodhounds, German Shorthaired Pointers are used by police departments as cadaver dogs or to track down missing persons.

Other dog breeds are large, so it seems odd to see a beagle on the list. The Snoopy breed has an excellent sense of smell. Despite their small size, Beagles have big personalities, making them great pets and great members of the police force.

Beagles have a reputation as narcotics sniffers at airports and border crossings, as well as sniffing out narcotics on patrols – perfect for customs officials. They are small and can fit in small spaces, and they also have sweet personalities and a willingness to obey commands.

Breeds Of Working Dogs

The USDA has a “Beagle Brigade” that sniffs out agricultural products in luggage and can detect 50 different types of illegal foreign products and animal products to ensure no dangerous diseases or bacteria enter our food chain.

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Back to the big dogs, Dobermans are very intelligent and trainable and they are very loyal to people. Doberman Pinschers are fast and strong, so they can catch fugitives and hold them down, making them a quality police dog.

Unfortunately, Dobermans have a thin coat that does not keep them warm in cold weather. Dobermans would look cute in police sweaters or jackets.

They have a reputation for being tough, but Doberman Pinschers are docile and are trained to apprehend suspects without harming them – luckily for the bad guys.

Dutch Shepherds do excellent police work because they are extremely obedient, quick to learn and protective. Shepherds were founded by Dutch shepherds.

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