Best Working Dog Breeds

Best Working Dog Breeds – All dogs need training and individual dogs acquire skills at different rates, but some dog breeds have a reputation for learning faster than others. These are dog breeds that tend to have long attention spans, learn and retain skills quickly, and enjoy learning.

The American Kennel Club divides dog breeds into seven categories: herding dogs, sporting dogs, bloodhounds, working dogs, terriers, toy dogs, and non-sporting dogs.

Best Working Dog Breeds

Best Working Dog Breeds

Most of the easiest dog breeds to train are herding dogs and sporting dogs, including search and rescue dogs. These breeds were created to cooperate with people. They retain that instinct to this day, and love to learn new skills. If you’re looking for a dog that learns quickly, these breeds top the “easiest to train” list.

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First developed in the United States to move livestock, these active guard dogs quickly learn everything from herding to dog sports. Australian Shepherds are medium-sized, high-energy dogs that are always ready to learn new skills and stay active with their families.

Often considered the most intelligent and trainable breed of dog, the Border Collie is bred to think quickly. These outstanding athletes are often seen in dog sports, which require a lot of exercise and are very hardworking. The border collie learns new skills quickly and thrives in jobs that provide plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

Both breeds of Corgis, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are known for their beautiful disposition and intelligence. These small but strong dogs were first bred as herding dogs to move livestock. A big dog in a small package, these herding dogs thrive in active homes and are fun to train.

This intelligent dog was first bred to be a companion dog and help hunters. The English Springer Spaniel is a people-friendly breed that quickly learns new skills and enjoys spending active time with their families. English Springer Spaniels make excellent active companions, are easy to train and learn new skills quickly.

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A complete working dog, the German Shepherd was bred to work with people. This large and confident breed forms deep bonds with their human companions. Originally a guard dog, this breed quickly acquires new skills at home or at work. The German Shepherd is a versatile worker that excels in police, search and rescue, and service dog work.

This active sporting dog is known as an ideal companion dog for the family. First bred to help hunters retrieve game, the Golden Retriever is a quick learner who can be very successful in dog sports, as a service dog, and in search and rescue work. The Golden Retriever is quick thinking and responds very well to training.

A favorite family dog, the Labrador Retriever was first bred to retrieve game for hunters. Today the breed is often used for search and rescue, narcotics and bomb detection, as well as service dog work. This popular dog breed makes a great active pet and quickly picks up new behaviors and training skills.

Best Working Dog Breeds

This breed of toy dog ​​is known for its athleticism and quick learning. Don’t let their small size fool you, Papillons are active little dogs that are easy to train. Today the breed excels in a wide variety of dog sports and activities, and loves to learn new skills.

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Although the breed has a reputation for the complex hairstyles the dog displays, never underestimate the easy-to-learn poodle. Poodles are working breeds that come in three breed sizes: standard (the largest), miniature, and toy (the smallest). Poodles were originally bred to be water fetchers, working alongside hunters. Today, poodles of all three sizes make excellent, curious and easily trainable companions.

When choosing the right dog breed for you or your family, it’s important not to focus on liking the looks of a breed, but instead focus on the purpose and behavior of the breed.

Each breed of dog was created for a particular purpose. As a result, these breeds have specific behaviors and attitudes that can make training difficult or easy. Dog breeds that were originally bred to work with people are often easier to train than other dog breeds.

However, just because a dog is easy to train doesn’t mean the breed is a good match for your home and family. Many easily trainable breeds are highly intelligent dogs bred for active work such as herding animals and working with hunters. Dogs of these breeds follow this desire to learn and work and are not happy to be alone at home all day.

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Dogs that are easier to train are very intelligent, often active and need outlets for their energy. These dogs are great for people with an active lifestyle, but they can get bored easily if not given enough encouragement. This can lead to unwanted or harmful behavior.

There are different breeds that often have a reputation for being difficult to train, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent. All dogs can and should be trained.

Hounds and terriers often have a reputation for being difficult to train. These are dog breeds that are bred to work independently and are less naturally motivated to seek direction from people. When it comes to training these dogs, you need to find the right motivation. It also helps to keep your training sessions fun, positive, short and enjoyable.

Best Working Dog Breeds

The Basenji is a small, independent dog that is often thought of as a cat in behavior and demeanor. The independent nature of the breed has given them a reputation for being difficult to train.

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Like many other dogs, beagles were first bred to use their noses while hunting in packs. As a result, it can be challenging to train beagles to ignore odors and perform cue behaviors.

Like other livestock breeds, Great Pyrenees were bred to work independently to protect animals from large predators. These large independent dogs are very intelligent but can be apathetic when it comes to training.

The independent, high-energy Siberian Husky was first bred to work in packs of other huskies pulling sleds. Their independent nature makes them more difficult to train.

Parson Russell Terriers like other terriers are strong, active, independent and intelligent dogs. These brave dogs have great strength, first bred to chase wolves from their dens. These young children thrive when given opportunities to use their natural instincts.

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Sassafras Lowrey CPDT-KA, CTDI – is a renowned author and dog trainer. Sassafras’ books have been honored by organizations ranging from the American Library Association to the Dog Writers Association.

Sassafras is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Certificate (CPDT-KA), a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI), an American Kennel Club/Canine Good Citizen Trick Dog Evaluator, an American Kennel Club Instructor FIT DOG and a Fear Free Certified Professional. Sassafras’ multimedia work with dogs focuses on engagement, enrichment, play and competitive trick training. for you After all, these cats are not only almost always smart: they have to be brains to learn all the commands that their owners give them when working in the fields and on the farm; they are also generally active and hardworking dogs. Known as the most loyal dog. believed because they are firmly committed to their “pack”. They also come in all shapes and sizes, from little wonder puppies like corgis, to big boys like Old English Sheepdogs. Also, these are some of the best dog breeds for families with children.

If you want to go with a more popular breed that was made to herd critters like sheep and cattle over long distances at times, you might consider a German Shepherd (one of Ree’s favorites!) or a collie. There are many other lesser known or rare dog breeds on our list, such as Canaans and Berger Picards. The truth is, once you take a closer look at these 25 guard dogs, you’ll probably want to stock up on more puppy treats and toys, because you’ll want to bring one (or more!) of these beauties home. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to come up with a unique dog name that matches your new pup’s protective personality.

Best Working Dog Breeds

These loyal, brave and undeniably real dogs are known as military, police and guard dogs, but there’s more to it than that! Although they look fierce, like old movie star Rin Tin Tin (and Presley Drummond!) they can make a wonderful addition to any family. The key is early training and socialization, which interrupts a tendency (especially in bad dogs) to nervousness. If you have the time to invest in them, this talented and energetic breed will love like no other. They are protective, loyal and absolutely loving to those they trust.

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The border collie is one of the most recognized dog breeds and they deserve that recognition. These high energy puppies are super smart, hard working,

Athletic They can make good family pets, but if

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